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Expert Opinion Panel
Jason Bryce - Business & Finance Specialist

Parenting Payment & Newstart Income-Management Poll
Have your say on welfare income management

Vote now on the Healthy Welfare card plan &
we will pass on your views to the government - loud and clear

By Jason Bryce | 05 April 2015

2015 Centrelink welfare poll

Your chance to have your say

on the new income management card

Our recent articles about Centrelink's plans for income management have struck a nerve with single mums across Australia and gone completely viral.

The stories, New Centrelink Eftpos card to replace Basics Card (26/3/15) and Single parent anger over Centrelink income management (31/3/15) have been read and shared by hundreds of thousands of parents.

Many people are very concerned about the prospect of having their Centrelink payments "income managed" according to the thousands of comments received, both here on our website and on our Facebook Page

But many readers support the idea of income management for Centrelink payments. Some of the people leaving comments in support of income management are on income management now, and they are in favour of it.

Some of the people who are commenting against the Healthy Welfare income management plan are being income managed now - but don't like the crackdown on cash in the new plan.

The new Healthy Welfare income management plan could see cash all but banned for people receiving Parenting payment or Newstart.

Almost one million people now participate in some sort of income management through Centrelink. Most of these people use Centrelink's popular bill paying service "Centrepay" while many others are on the Basics Card program. The Basics Card limits cash withdrawals to about 50 per cent of the person's total income. In some Cape York communities, cash availability can be limited to just 10 per cent of the person's income, if they volunteer for the program.

Many believe that income management is good for people who put their hand up and say 'I need help', but not so good for people who are managing on their own.

We want to know what you think about income management. When the results are in, we'll pass on the message to the government - loud and clear.

So have your say now on the following Poll - what do really think about the Healthy Welfare income management plan?

Jason Bryce
Business & Finance Journalist

Have your say on the new income management scheme - do you think it's a good idea? Make a comment below!

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Jason is a business and finance journalist with 20 years experience, and is also a member of the Expert Opinion Panel. He has a regular weekly column in the Sunday Mail (Brisbane) and writes regularly for the Business Daily section of the Herald Sun in Melbourne and many other newspapers and magazines.

Jason's personal website is

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What does it mean to be a single mum?Of course, the


are the most important thing in a single mum's life. Kids are the focus and always have been. But along with the children, there are other matters that can confuse a single mum's life.


plays a big part of a single mother's life, mainly because this is where a large percentage of single mums get their finances from. Centrelink are the source from where the

single mother pension

, or as it is otherwise known, the single parent payment comes from. The single mother pension is a subsistence amount, but just the same, it is money to live on, and so it is important, no matter if it is called single parent payment, single mother pension or whatever Centrelink welfare classes it at the time

Often, single mums come out of a


or defacto relationship only to find that their troubles have just begun, and find that their first step leads them towards Family Law - it's time to engage a lawyer.
There are more than just Centrelink finance problems to worry about, as mentioned before, but also

child custody

issues. Child custody is something that hits right at the heart of

single mums

. If a single mother's ex husband or ex partner has been a domestic violence perpetrator, the mum may be greatly worried about child custody. They worry that their kids won't be safe with their spouse, who has already proven to be abusive because they caused

domestic violence

, which resulted in a divorce or separation.

Even so,

Family Court

will often still order a form of child custody named

Shared Parenting

. Shared Parenting is a form of child custody division of time or parental responsibility between the parents. Mother's often look for a good divorce lawyer to try to avoid share parenting with an abusive ex-spouse after divorce, however in many cases Shared Parenting is still the outcome after the divorce, no matter how good the divorce lawyers have been. They will often settle for visitation at a contact centre or access centre where fathers or mothers are supervised during child custody access.

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